Dividend Aristocrat Overview: Cincinnati Financial

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About Cincinnati Financial

Cincinnati Financial was formed in 1968 out of The Cincinnati Insurance Company, which was formed in 1950 by four independent insurance agents.  The Cincinnati Insurance Company is now a subsidiary of Cincinnati Financial and operates four insurance companies serving the life, disability and property casualty markets.  Cincinnati Financial has two other subsidiaries: CFC Investment Company, which offers leasing and financing services, CSU Producer Resources, Inc., which is a wholly owned excess and surplus lines insurance brokerage.

The company is a member of the S&P 500 index and trades under the ticker symbol CINF.

Cincinnati Financial’s Dividend and Stock Split History

Cincinnati Financial, along with its predecessor organization The Cincinnati Insurance Corporation, has raised dividends since 1962.  Cincinnati Financial met the Dividend Aristocrat criteria of 25 consecutive years of dividend growth in 1986.  The company traditionally announces its annual dividend increase in mid-January, with the stock going ex-dividend in mid-March.

Cincinnati Financial has compounded its payout at an average rate of 4.3% over the last 5 years and 3.5% over the last 10 years.

Offsetting this mixed record, Cincinnati Financial has made repeated payouts of stock dividends over the past 4 decades.  The company has paid 5% stock dividends to investors 6 times since April 1984, most recently in April 2005.  In addition, from April 1975 to April 1984, the company paid stock dividends between 4% and 10% six other times.

Cincinnati Financial has also split its stock five times since July 1969: 3 for 1 splits in May 1998 and May 1992, a 2 for 1 split in April 1985, a 3 for 2 split in April 1972, and a 4 for 1 split in July 1969.

Cincinnati Financial’s Direct Purchase and Dividend Reinvestment Plans

Cincinnati Financial has both direct purchase and dividend reinvestment plans.  Information on both plans, including a prospectus and enrollment forms, are available at the Cincinnati Financial website.  The minimum amount for initial and additional investments is $25.  Note that in order to participate in the direct purchase plan investors must agree to reinvest at least 10% of dividends.

The only fee for purchasing stocks, either directly or through dividend reinvestment is the brokerage fee, which is approximately 8 cents per share.  When selling stocks through the plan, investors pay the brokerage fee mentioned above along with a $10 per sell order fee.

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