Dividend Aristocrat Overview: PPG Industries

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About PPG Industries

PPG Industries manufactures and markets specialty paints and coatings, and glass and fiberglass products for customers in the industrial, automotive, marine, and construction markets. The company’s brands include Olympic Paints, Glidden and Pittsburgh Paints. PPG Industries has over 150 manufacturing sites worldwide, including 45 sites in the United States, and employs over 42,000 people.

The company is a member of the S&P 500 index and trades under the ticker symbol PPG.

PPG Industries’ Dividend and Stock Split History

PPG Dividends

PPG Industries’ has compounded its dividend at less than 5% per year over the last two decades.

PPG Industries began increasing dividends in 1972. Since 2011, PPG has increased its common stock dividend in the 2nd quarter of the calendar year. I expect PPG Industries to announce its next dividend increase in April 2017.

In 2016, PPG increased its quarterly dividend from 36 to 40 cents per share – an increase of 11.1%. Prior to 2016, PPG Industries built a consistent history of dividend growth in the low – to – mid single percentages. PPG has compounded its dividend payout at an average rate of 5.36% over the last 5 years. Over the last 10 and 20 years, the company has compounded the dividend at 4.29% and 4.47%, respectively.

Since beginning its record of dividend growth in 1972, PPG Industries has split its stock 5 times, most recently in May 2015 when the stock split 2-for-1. Prior to that, the company split its stock 2-for-1 in June 1994, March 1987 and September 1983, and 3-for-2 in July 1977. In addition, PPG Industries also split its stock 2-for-1 in December 1968.

Over the 5 years ending on December 31, 2015, PPG’s stock appreciated at an annualized rate of 20.67%, from a split-adjusted $38.33 to $98.08. This significantly outperformed the 10.2% annualized return of the S&P 500 index during this time.

Direct Purchase and Dividend Reinvestment Plans

PPG Industries has both direct purchase and dividend reinvestment plans. The plans are only open to existing shareholders of PPG Industries stock. If you are not a registered shareholder, you must purchase at least $500 of shares when you first enroll in the plan. If you’re interested in participating in either of these plans, you can find information at ComputerShare’s Investment Plan site. After your initial investment, the minimum purchase for subsequent investments is $100.

There are a variety of fees when purchasing shares through the direct deposit plan. You’ll pay an initial fee of $10 to setup an account. You’ll then pay either $3 for automatic investments or $6 for cash purchases. Finally, you’ll be charged a processing fee of 12 cents per share. There are no fees for purchasing shares by reinvesting dividends, as PPG Industries pays both the transaction and per share fees on your behalf.

When you go to sell your shares in the plan, you’ll pay a transaction fee of $15 plus 12 cents per share. There’s an additional fee of $10 if you request that your shares be sold in a market order instead of a batch order. The plan administrator deducts the fees from the proceeds of the sale.

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